Questions to as a personal injury lawyer before hiring

By Oscar McAlister posted 12-21-2020 23:18


If you want to hire a personal lawyer, you've probably noticed that the field offers extensive choice. With so many professionals available, it's challenging to decide who to hire. This article includes a list of questions you should ask a personal attorney to ensure they're the right git for your needs. 

What's your level of experience in cases similar to mine?

Personal injury law is an extensive subject and includes several different topics and issues. Personal injury lawyers can handle assault and battery, defamation, product liability, slip and fall, animal bites, car accidents, and medical malpractice. And many of the listed categories can be further split into other subdivisions. Most experts handle all the above cases, but some prefer a limited number of categories because they specialize in a specific industry. Some of the above topics are unique and require careful attention and extra knowledge. 

It's best to hire a lawyer specialized in your type of case because they're familiar with the issues and can help you win the case. 

If you win my case, how much do I get?

No lawyer can offer a precise answer, and in some states, the expert is even ethically required not to provide you with an exact answer to avoid setting unrealistic expectations. Before you contact a professional, remember that personal injury lawsuits are unpredictable, and even if things seem to work to your advantage, they can take an unexpected turn. But your lawyer should be able to offer a rough prediction regarding of your chances to win and the amount of compensation you can get if you win at trial. 

One way to determine if your lawyer is overpromising is to compare the answers from multiple personal injury lawyers. When someone promises a higher sum, ask them to adequately explain why they think your personal injury claim is worth so much. 

Who will do the work on my personal injury case?

Most experts are too busy to handle all tasks by themselves and work with a team of professionals who prepare their legal paperwork. When you work with a senior lawyer, expect them to have a junior associate that handles the legal work while the lawyer handles the complex legal issues and oversees the case progress. 

What is your level of courtroom experience?

Even if movies and TV shows have promoted something else, most personal injury cases don't go to a trial. People often decide to settle things outside the court because it costs less and saves time. Therefore, even seasoned lawyers can have little experience in the courtroom. But when you're dealing with a complex case, you don't want to hire someone who lacks experience because it directly impacts your cases' success. It's detrimental to work with someone who handles only a few cases that made to the verdict because they don't give you the best chances of winning. Their skills aren't precious during a trial, but their experience. They may also be afraid of court and ask you to settle for a lower offer because they try to avoid a trial. 

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